Practice All Year Round with an Indoor Riding Arena

When the weather’s good and days are long, one of the joys of riding is getting out in the fresh air. However, for many types of equine training and competition, access to an all-weather, year-round indoor riding arena is also essential. At Spatial Structures, we are vastly experienced in the construction of equestrian-related buildings, including indoor horse arenas. You can rely on us to take your concept and turn it into a flawless end result.

A Complex Project

As you know, there’s much more to building an indoor arena than just scattering sawdust around an old barn. Whether you aspire to the grandeur of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School or a more modest dressage arena, having a high-quality construction is essential for the safety and enjoyment of horses, riders, and

Choosing Single-Span Construction

Because riding arenas require a large area of uninterrupted space, they’re a logical application for single-span construction methods such as ours. By using these methods, training, jumping, and dressage aren’t hindered by columns, and spectators enjoy clear views as horses and riders are put through their paces.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Energy costs are continuing to rise, and large riding arenas require a lot of power. For any intensively used, all-season indoor riding arena, artificial lighting is a big operating cost. By commissioning a translucent tensioned fabric roof for your construction, you are maximising the natural daylight entering the riding arena, subsequently reducing your energy bills.

Turn to the Experts

Spatial Structures specialises in building indoor riding arenas. Our experience includes an equestrian centre in Somerset with a 2,800sq/m internal area – one of the largest of its kind in Europe – and eco-friendly specification. This building is typical of the projects we undertake, and because we offer steel-framed and tensile fabric buildings, you have a convenient one-stop construction resource for your horse riding arena and all associated buildings.

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