Steel Stables That Keep Your Horses Safe

No matter if you are housing one horse or 20, a high-quality stable building is vital to their safety and wellbeing. Cutting corners in the construction of your horse stables puts your beloved animals at risk. At Spatial Structures, we manufacture high-quality steel stables for clients throughout the UK. Like the best horses, we’re a true partner, taking care of the entire process from planning and design through to the final handover.

Horse Stable Specialists

For steel horse stables that combine durability, environmental friendliness, and versatility, we are the only firm to call. Our knowledge of steel-framed buildings and advanced tensile structures allows us to design and build structures that are perfectly suited to stables.

The Advantages of Steel Stables

Wood’s good, but for more and more yard operators, the advantages of steel-framed and steel-clad stables win the day. They include:

· Speed of Installation, Minimising Disruption on-site
·  Versatility and Flexibility to Meet Your Exact Requirements
· Strength, Durability, and Cost-Effectiveness.
· Improved Fire-Resistance Compared to Timber Stable Blocks
· Eco-Friendly (Sustainable and Recyclable)
· Smart, Modern Appearance
·  Wide Spans Avoid Interior Columns

A Swift and Proficient Project

Not only do we have a vast understanding of equestrian structures (our portfolio includes a prestigious equestrian centre in Somerset), but we also bring extensive experience of constructing fast, cost-effective modular buildings. Although you may wonder if speed matters when building stables, minimising disruption at a busy farm or training yard is only possible with the fast erection of the steel building.

A Bespoke Approach

One of our key strengths is bespoke design, meaning we capably produce the stable you have in mind. Any storage and facilities will be included in the design, while the steel-framed and tensile structures used create a modern and convenient building.

Contact us now to discover more about the benefits of our steel horse stables.