Aircraft Hangars Designed and Built to Meet Your Needs

Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and individuals with private jets require aircraft hangars. This facility must enable them to store, build, or maintain their aircraft. Thanks to the aircraft hangar design and construction service provided by Spatial Structures, you can rest assured that your new building will be made with your requirements in mind.

A Complete Solution

Spatial Structures specialises in both traditional and design and build contracts that combine the use of steel portal frame structures and lightweight tensile membrane systems. Unlike contractors offering just one construction approach, we are a convenient one-stop source for both. When added to our range of support services, these capabilities mean we’re fully equipped to meet your requirements.

Delivering the Perfect Aircraft Hangar

Traditionally, hangar construction used steel-clad portal frame construction. Large unsupported spans were possible, buildings could incorporate door outriggers and cranes, and the hangars could be easily customised with offices and storage. Increasingly, however, aircraft operators are embracing the many benefits of steel-framed and tensile-roof hangars. The advantages of this design include:

·  Prefabricated components, simple foundations, and fast construction often make tensile fabric hangars more affordable from the very beginning. Low maintenance means whole-life costs are also low. These structures are easy to relocate and they’re perfect for situations where temporary aircraft hangars are needed.

· Fabric membrane aircraft hangars combine a durable structural frame with the design flexibility of advanced architectural fabrics. This is perfect for hangars that must combine appearance with operational efficiency. What’s more, because we offer portal frame construction, you can combine both technologies.

· Clear-span aircraft hangar construction allows maximum use of space. These hangars span from 10m to 100m to make aircraft movements easy.

· Translucent membrane roofs let natural light into aircraft hangars for better working environments and lower running costs.

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