Structures Designed and Built to Meet Your Needs


Few applications test the versatility of contractors and building systems like storage facilities. While you may need a permanent storage warehouse, someone else may require a more temporary storage building. Despite the difference in those requirements, both situations need the correct application of the most suitable building system to be cost-effective. At Spatial Structures, we understand exactly what you need and will design and construct a storage building that caters for your needs in full.

An Advantageous Choice of Building

Spatial Structures expertly mixes traditional methods, steel-framed buildings, and lightweight tensile fabric structures to give you the best combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. Unlike some contractors, we have all this expertise in-house, meaning you get a convenient, one-stop partner and the many advantages of our advanced building systems:

· Fast Erection
· A Column-Free Storage Warehouse
· Lightweight Tensile Roofs That Maximise Natural Daylight and Reduce Energy Demand
· Relocatable Structures for Portable Capabilities
· Mezzanines and Other Accessories to Enhance Functionality
· Multi-Level Steel Storage Buildings up to 5 Storeys High
· The Flexibility of Steel and the Strength of Concrete


Bespoke Storage Buildings

Just as you are an expert in your field, we excel in ours. Whether your new facility is a logistics depot or a bulk salt storage building, we can build a permanent or temporary structure that meets your specification. To ensure a stress-free process, we work with you throughout, perfecting the design and delivering a range of support services, from site selection to ongoing building maintenance.

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