Building Temporary and Permanent Warehouses

There’s a lot more to warehouse construction than just throwing up a big, lockable storage shed. Even for temporary storage buildings, different building systems may be more or less suitable. Then there are the features that your warehouse staff and office workers need, including plenty of daylight, ventilation, and
manoeuvring space for handling equipment. Make no mistake; designing and building the perfect permanent or temporary warehousing is a major task with implications for your profitability. At Spatial Structures, we have the experience and expertise to design and build a storage warehouse that meets your needs.

Your First Choice for Warehouse Construction

At Spatial Structures, warehouse construction is one of our many strengths. To make sure you get the perfect permanent or temporary storage buildings, we mix traditional skills, steel-framed construction, and lightweight tensile fabric structures to give you the best performance. Unlike some warehouse construction companies, we offer all this expertise in-house. By working with a single, reliable supplier, you benefit from a combination of two advanced building systems as well as:

· Fast Erection
· Column-Free Warehouses to Simplify Operations
· Lightweight Tensile Roofs That Maximise Natural Daylight and Reduce Power Demands
· A Convenient and Relocatable Temporary Warehouse
· Mezzaninesand Other  Accessories to Best Make Use of Space

Taking Care of the Job

Like you, we are experts in our field. Whether the project involves steel warehouse buildings or lightweight tensile fabric-roofed storage, we’ll take care of the entire construction. No matter if we work with your designers or complete the design ourselves, the entire job is backed by our support services, which range from site selection to ongoing building maintenance.

Contact us now to discover more about our storage warehouse construction service.